South America

Motorcycle journey
Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia
14 months
30 000 km
Hard road
Search for the Valley of Volcanoes in Peru at an altitude of 5,000 meters during a snowfall
Hard trekking
Machu Picchu through Choquequirao in 9 days
2 motorcycle accidents
Hard climbing
Aconcagua in 7 days
Honda XR250 Tornado
South America is an amazing land with different countries, cultures and nature. Between the two oceans of the Pacific and the Atlantic there are mountains, deserts and jungle. No other part of the world can compare to the diversity of attractions, roads and adventures with the South American continent.
Magellan Penguin
Magellan Penguin
Valle de Cocora
National Park Valle de Cocora. Colombia
Mount Sajama
Top of Bolivia. Mount Sajama
Piranha fishing in Bolivia
Moon valley
Moon valley in the Atacama desert. Chile
Museum of Mummies
Museum of Mummies in Peru
Sajam National Park
Sajam National Park. Bolivia
Carretera Austral
Carretera Austral. Chile
Salar de Uyuni
Salar de Uyuni. Bolivia
Madidi National Park
Madidi National Park. Bolivia
Anaconda. Bolivia
Santiago de Chile
Santiago de Chile
Ruta 40
Ruta 40. Argentina
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires. Argentina
Valporaiso. Chile
Pan American Highway
Pan American Highway
Archaeology of Peru
Archaeology of Peru
Tatacoa Desert
Tatacoa Desert. Colombia
Quito. The capital of Ecuador.
Mount Chimborazo
The top mount of Ecuador. Chimborazo. 6300 m
Dakar Rally
Dakar Rally