Anatoly Chernyavskiy

traveler, photographer
Living in Russia, I am engaged in motorcycling adventures and inspiring people with travel stories.
Drove from Murmansk to Vladivostok, from the Caucasus to Chukotka, visited almost all republics of Russia and the former Soviet Union, traveled to Central Asia and Latin America. Being fond of mountain tourism, climbed to the tops of Europe and America. Сrossed Chukotka with the motorbike.
More than 10 photo exhibitions have been organized. Publication of the photo album "Between Two Oceans".
Grand Prix in the category "Best Journey" at the IMIS International Motor Show. Winning in the category "Journey of the Year" at the Motovesna exhibition.
Public speeches
There's nothing more interesting than passing on your experience to people. To inspire and motivate. Whether it's appearances at big companies or a small circle of people passionate about motorcycles and adventures.
Anatoly was born in 1984 in the Republic of Tajikistan. In the early 90's the family moved to Russia. From his youth Anatoly was fond of sports and motorcycles. After graduation, he went on his first motorcycle trip to lake Baikal. An important turning point was his trip to South America, where he spent more than a year. After his return, Anatoly presented his first photo exhibition.
Since 2015, he has been traveling in the extreme north. He crossed Chukotka from the Pacific to the Arctic Ocean. In 2019, he completed his two-year journey Round Russia.