Cross Chukchi peninsula
from ocean to ocean
Between two oceans
The Chukchi Peninsula is located in the Far North-East of Siberia. Almost the entire territory of the peninsula is above the Arctic Circle in the permafrost zone. Chukotka is washed by the waters of two oceans: the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. The idea of the trip was to cross the mountain tundra of the peninsula from one ocean to the other.
The main difficulty of the trip was the lack of bridges over the many rivers. To drive this route, we had to carry a 900 km fuel reserve and an inflatable boat to cross the rivers with the motorcycle.
In the mountain tundra stands a monument symbolizing the sun. At this point, the lines of the Arctic Circle and the line 180 meridian, which divides the Earth into east and west, intersect. This point is not far from the Bering Sea and it was not easy to get here. There had never been any travelers on motorcycles here before.

Between two oceans

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