Land of volcanoes and bears
Kamchatka is one of the world's largest peninsulas. It is located in the Pacific Ocean at the edge of the Asian continent. The book tells the story of a motorcycle trip to hard-to-reach places in Kamchatka: Lake Kuril – largest concentration of brown bears in the world, Cape Africa – Bering Sea, Ksudach volcano – huge crater of an active volcano.
In the pages of the album you will find a fascinating history of the 2-year journey, hundreds of photographs and maps with descriptions of the sights. The book is 27x23 cm in size. 304 pages, hard cover, professional layout. The cost of the album is 70 euros including shipping. Send your book request without prepayment and I'll contact you when the book is published (around the end of August).
If you would like to receive not only the book but also the movie Land of Volcanoes and Bears, please write about it in the comments and I will put a postcard in the book. Inside the postcard link to the movie, access code and signature with the author's wish. The cost of the book together with the movie and shipping is 80 euros.