Adventure gear
What I'll put in my motorbike bags
Adventure gear
What I'll put in my motorbike bags
If in doubt about taking an item with you, don't take it!
I use two bikes for travelling: Honda XR 650 L, a tractor for bad roads, and Honda XR 250 Baja for off-road adventures. I like their classic design. They are underpowered and not as fast as the more modern bikes, but they are reliable and easy to maintain.
If the journey starts far from home, to save time and money, I pack the bike and all the gear in a wooden crate with a capacity of about 1 cubic metre, weighing 250 kg, and send it by transport company. The size of the box is 150x60x100 cm.
I will not advise you on the best brands to use. It's not as important for motorbike trips as it is for extended trekking or climbing, for example. Be guided by your budget. Of course, the more expensive the tent, the more pleasant to use and more innovative it will be.

My choice is a three-season double layer tent with aluminum poles. I prefer not to be cramped by a small amount of space, so the tent needs to be a two-person tent. It is imperative that my tent has two vestibules. In one vestibule, I can leave my muddy boots and luggage bags, which I would rather have on hand at all times. The second vestibule I use for entering the tent and cooking with a gas burner.

I do not use the original tent covers, few manufacturers make them comfortable. Usually they are too tight. For packing the tent I buy a compression sack of about
10-15 litres. I have even stopped folding the tent neatly and just stuff it into the compression bag as much as possible to avoid wasting time, and then I tighten the straps. I put the aluminium poles separately in a motorbike bag. This way even a large tent becomes very compact.
Tent in a basic bag
Tent in a compression sack
2100g - tent weight Naturehike Star river 2
In August and September in Siberia, the nights are cool and the sleeping bag needs to keep warm even in light sub-zero temperatures. To save weight and bulk, the last sleeping bag I bought for travelling in the Far North East is the Aegismax G2L down sleeping bag with a comfort temperature of -5 degrees Celsius.
Inflatable sleeping mat
Compact towel
Thermos flask 1L
Gas, mosquito repellent
Stove Fire maple x2
Freeze-dried foods
First aid kit
Tools and spare parts
Spare wheel tubes
Repair kits for tubes and tyres
Wheel bearings
Pads, spark plug, cable repair kit, fuses, chain lock
Plastic welding, electrical tape, cable ties, wire, petrol hose
Air and oil filter
Engine oil
Inflatable boat
A specially designed packraft for my bike
I don't use heavy motorbike clothing with integrated protection, but rather wear versatile membrane outdoor trousers and jacket over a separate layer of protection.
Waterproof gloves
Thermal underwear
Lumbar belt
Fox Titan jacket
Thor Force knee protection
Shoei Hornet helmet
Forma Adventure boots
Waders for crossing fords
Insulation layer
Walking shoes
DJI Mavic Air 2 Combo drone
Go Pro action cams
Canon R6 camera, Sirui tripod
To take it all away, I use Moto-Military bags