White desert

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The story of realising a crazy dream to ride through the coldest places on the planet, inhabited by people who have managed to adapt to the incredible cold of Yakutia and Chukotka. 3,500km on a motorbike through the snow of coastal plains, frozen rivers and sea ice.
At the edge of Siberia stretches the vast territory of the Chukchi Peninsula. A land of relentless winds and icy seas. The nature there is amazing and harsh, the area is huge and almost uninhabited by man. Most of the year passes in a long winter, which turns everything around into a white desert for eight months.
The only road to Chukotka is the Arktika winter road. The longest seasonal road in Russia. 1500 km of mountain passes, frozen rivers, lakes and swamps.
The Arktika winter road begins on the famous Kolyma road between Yakutsk and Magadan. Fenced off from the rest of the world by a stone wall, this region is renowned for its freezing temperatures. The Verkhoyanskiy Range and the Oymyakonskaya Lowland are the coldest places in the world where people have dared to live.
The main objective of the expedition to Chukotka was another unique seasonal
road - a winter road to Ayon Island in the East Siberian Sea. Crossing hummocks and cracks, the road connects Russia's northernmost city Pevek with Ayon Island, where reindeer herders live in a small settlement. This winter road is the longest sea ice road in the world.
The album is 27x23 cm in size. The text is in two languages: English and Russian. 270 pages, hundreds of photos, maps with descriptions of sights, hard cover, pleasant to the touch designer paper, professional layout. Each book is signed by the author.

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