Between two oceans

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The book tells the story of a two-year motorcycle trip through the Magadan region and the Chukchi Peninsula. A remote region of the Far North, washed by the waters of two oceans: the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. Thousands of kilometers of dirt roads, harsh nature, mountains, seas, rivers, tundra, wildlife and, of course, people living on this cold land.
On this journey, my dream was to ride from ocean to ocean and reach the unique point where geographical lines intersect: the 180th meridian
and the Arctic Circle line.
The main roads in Chukotka have always been winter roads that function during the long northern winter. But there are also year-round roads on the peninsula. Like everything else here at the edge of the Earth, these roads have their own peculiarities. There are no bridges over the many rivers on these roads. To drive from the ocean to the ocean, I used Honda XR250 Baja and an inflatable boat.
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In the pages of the album you will find a fascinating history of the 2-year journey, hundreds of photographs and maps with descriptions of the sights. The book is 27x23 cm in size. 240 pages, hard cover, professional layout. The text is in two languages: English and Russian. Each book is signed by the author.

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The cost of the book is 70 EUR including international shipping.